Seasonal Lawncare has been working with residents of Buffalo and western New York for more than 25 years. We know the issues that face your lawns in this part of the country and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your landscaping and lawn care goals

Locally Owned

As a locally-owned business, we are more than just a lawn company, we are a member of the community. We know that each yard is different and we take the time to thoroughly inspect it so we can design the best treatment program for you. No more cookie-cutter lawn care programs.

Let Seasonal Do The Work

Why would you want to come home from work just to do more? We understand your time is precious. Let Seasonal Lawncare handle it for you so you can spend your free time how you want.


When you choose Seasonal Lawncare you get:

lawn care
lawn care LEARN MORE

Five applications that include a balanced fertilizer, weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass control. Ask about our organic program.

lime Application
lime Application learn more

Lawn health struggles when the soil is too acidic and here in Western New York, our soil is typically on the acidic side. With Lime Applications from Seasonal Lawncare, we can help balance the pH levels of your soil, allowing your grass and plants to get the
nutrients they need to thrive!

grub and cranefly control
grub and cranefly control learn more

Grubs and Craneflies can devastate a lawn if they’re given the chance. With Grub and Cranefly Control through Seasonal Lawncare, we can help you eliminate and prevent these pests from taking root in
your lawn.

Liquid Aeration
Liquid Aeration LEARN MORE

Our Liquid Aeration Service helps loosen compacted soil and eliminate thatch. Allowing your grass roots to absorb more nutrients and create a healthy turf. We use a liquid aerating application that is easier on your lawn than core aeration with the same results.

Tree & Shrub Care
Tree & Shrub Care LEARN MORE

With our Tree and Shrub Care Program you get full-season treatment that includes: root feeding, insect control, and continued inspections throughout the summer.

vegetation control
vegetation control LEARN MORE

Say “goodbye” to those nutrient-stealing weeds with our post-emergent spray that will kill existing weeds.


By using our perimeter pest control spray we’ll help keep pests from gaining entry to your home. A barrier is sprayed around the perimeter of your house. 

mosquito control
mosquito control LEARN MORE

Keep those biting, annoying pests out of your meticulously manicured yard!

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